EcoHealth Alliance

EcoHealth Alliance (formerly known as Wildlife Trust) empowers local conservation scientists worldwide to protect nature and safeguard ecosystem and human health. EcoHealth Alliance is a conservation science innovator and leverages research expertise through strategic global alliances. EcoHealth Alliance pioneered the field of conservation medicine, a new discipline that addresses the link between ecological disruption of habitats and its effects on wildlife, livestock and human health. Founded in 1971 by British naturalist and author Gerald Durrell, EcoHealth Alliance has built its reputation on 35 years of global research, education, training and experience.

Research and conservation work in the United States includes programs in the metropolitan New York area, Florida and along the coast of the Southeastern U.S. The organization trains and supports a network of scientists around the world to save endangered species and their habitats and to protect the health of vital ecosystems. EcoHealth Alliance created the first egalitarian international network of science-based conservation organizations and is a founding partner organization of the Consortium for Conservation Medicine, a unique think tank of prestigious academic institutions.