Coral Reef Ecology: Bermuda

March 20th – March 24th, 2019

Instructor: Kaitlin Noyes

Fulfills requirement: Case Study (CS) or Tools (T)
Day: Wednesday – Sunday
Course number: ENVB 0321 N

Coral Reef Ecology 2019 Syllabus

Coral Reef Ecology 2019 Schedule

Coral Reef Ecology 2019 Packing List

The decline in coral reefs is a pressing concern with both ecological and social implications. Understanding the complex ecological relationships of coral reefs and how reefs are responding to global change is important for informing coral reef conservation and protection efforts, designing programs to conserve and protect other forms of marine life, and developing policies and programs intended to address social and economic concerns where human well-being and livelihoods are intimately linked with oceans. Join EICES in exploring coral ecosystems and learn about why coral reefs are biologically fascinating and their role in marine-based socio-ecological systems.

Offered with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS), the course serves as an introduction to coral reef ecosystems. During lectures, labs, and day trips, students are taught the basics of coral biology and will learn about the structure and function of coral reef ecosystems, become familiar with the coral and fish species that inhabit Bermuda’s reefs, explore the drivers of coral reef decline and degradation, and gain practical knowledge about ocean conservation efforts. On snorkeling excursions, the ocean serves as a magnificent living laboratory in which to observe coral reefs and marine life up close.

This course is offered through the EICES Executive Education Program and is open to Columbia University students, faculty, staff, and alumni, non-Columbia University students, and the general public. Prospective students who are not enrolled in the Executive Education Program or in an undergraduate or graduate program at Columbia University must apply to the Executive Education Program to be eligible to participate in the course.

No prior snorkeling experience is required. BIOS provides snorkeling equipment, including wetsuits.

Course Costs


EICES Executive Education students (standard tuition rates per course apply):

One course per semester: $890
Two or more courses per semester: $866
Alumni rate: $606

Other Columbia University students: $890


$850 (all students)

The program fee covers course activities and accommodation at BIOS.

Additional Costs

Airfare to Bermuda and transportation to and from BIOS. BIOS is a 10 minute cab ride from the Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport.

Application fee if applying to the Executive Education Program: $90

Application Deadlines

Early registration discount ($50 off program fee) deadline: January 25th, 2019
Final application deadline: February 22nd, 2019

Flights are to be booked on an individual basis after you receive confirmation that there is sufficient enrollment for the course and information regarding arrival and departure times. Students meet at BIOS on the first day of the course.

Dietary Restrictions

BIOS can accommodate vegetarian diets and there are vegan options available. Students with multiple food intolerances or allergies may want to bring snacks that meet their dietary restrictions. Students will have access to a refrigerator at BIOS.

Passport and Visas

A passport valid 45 days beyond the date of departure from Bermuda is required for entry. Students not traveling on a US passport may require a visa to enter Bermuda and should check the visa requirements for their nationality.


The air temperature in Bermuda is usually in the mid-60s to low 70s (Fahrenheit) in March. The water temperature is around 66°F. In past years, blizzards in the greater NYC region have caused some travel delays with respect to flights to Bermuda. EICES and BIOS will try to accommodate delays and schedule changes due to weather.

Diving and Early or Late Departures

SCUBA diving is not included in the course. Students interested in diving should plan to do so before or after the course ends and are responsible for making the arrangements to dive.

Students arriving in Bermuda prior to the course start date or departing after the course end date may reserve rooms at BIOS. The room rate is $75 per night. Meals are $20 each; however, meal service may be limited after lunch on Sunday, March 24th.

Please contact EICES at if you are interested in participating in the course and/or if you have questions about the course.