Distance Learning

We are excited to let you know that the Earth Institute is offering the following Spring 2014 courses online as part of the Earth Institute’s Executive Education Program in Conservation and Environmental Sustainability:

Upcoming Distance Learning Course Offerings – 2014

Module 1: January – February
Evolution: Darwin to DNA (begins Jan. 27)

Module 2: February – March
Psychology of Environmental Decision-Making & Sustainable Behavior (begins Feb. 25) *NEW*
Climate & Biodiversity (Feb. 26)
Systems & Sustainability (Mar. 3)

Module 3: April – May
Disease Ecology (begins Apr. 14)
Population & Sustainable Development (Apr. 8)  *NEW*

Module 4: May – June
Introduction to Environmental Policy (begins May 13)
Scenarios for Sustainability: The Future of Investing (May 22)

The virtual classroom offers the same quality of teaching and academic support services available on Columbia University’s main campus. The Earth Institute’s integration of online, web-based learning with proven education methodologies enhances student-to-student and faculty-to-student communication and accommodates flexible learning:

Online courses are also available for students to attend in-person.

- Spring 2014 Course Calendar (PDF Download)
- Spring 2014 Course Descriptions (PDF Download)

Individual Course Registration Information

Interested in learning more?  Contact Desmond Beirne at djb2104@columbia.edu or 212-854-0149.

For a free demonstration of the EICES Distance Learning software please contact Brian Kateman at bkateman@ei.columbia.edu or 212-854-0350.