Alumni Course Registration

Alumni of the Executive Education Program may register for EICES courses at a special tuition rate of $605 per course during the 2016-2017 academic year.  For more information on registering for courses please contact EICES at

Earth Institute Networking Events

Each year networking opportunities are provided to facilitate valuable connections to sustainability leaders by the Earth Institute through alumni social gatherings, special lectures, workshops, conferences, and events. The Earth Institute works with over 650 environmental scientists, managers, policy analysts, and other experts working on sustainability around the globe.  EICES encourages students and alumni to check the Earth Institute Events Calendar for the latest information on upcoming events.

Alumni Experiences at EICES

Lois A. Levin, PhD, Clinical Psychologist/Conservation Psychologist, Environment Editor
“The [Executive Education] Program allowed me to reinvent myself. I learned so much from seminar-like classes, top-notch instructors and an eclectic group of thoughtful and motivated fellow-students. Commuting from Boston was complicated, but I count it among my most valuable educational experiences.”

Kristin Hegazy, Web Editor, Humane Society International
“I feel so fortunate to have found the [Executive Education] Program. Not only did I tremendously enjoy every class I attended, but having this credential on my resume allowed me to successfully turn my career toward doing marketing for nonprofit environmental organizations, exactly as I had hoped it would.”

Kelly Overton, Senior Advisor for Animal Rights International, Founder and Board Chair of People Protecting Animals and Their Habitats (PATH)
“The program was both the most valuable and most enjoyable of my education experiences. Because of this program I understand how economics, science, politics and nature all play a role in conservation and I am more effective in designing programs and attaining positive results because of this. The skills I gathered and the people I met changed my professional career and was the most positive experience of my academic career.”

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