The Executive Education Program is an opportunity to learn first-hand about current developments in sustainability, increase your general knowledge about a specific topic, or work toward your own professional development goals.  This program attracts professionals at various stages in their careers and across sectors including finance, media, engineering, insurance, law, public policy/relations, art and design, architecture, health care, social development, construction, marketing, and others.

This program is ideal for:

  • Candidates with a professional and/or civic interest in environmental sustainability.
  • Those interested in science, policy, or economics behind contemporary environmental issues and sustainability practices.
  • Managers interested in translating this knowledge into sound decision making and action.

Key benefits:

Relevance:  Sustainability issues are becoming progressively important in both the public and private sectors. EICES Executive Education courses offer new insights on the scientific and physical dimensions of sustainability, providing a vocabulary and general background in conservation science, skills for critical analysis, and tools for sustainable thinking and action. This allows professionals to have important positive “green” impacts and make sound decisions in areas such as land use management, project finance, supply chains and environmental metrics, to name a few.

Flexibility: Courses are shorter in length than regular university classes. They typically run in five-week sessions with courses taking place one evening a week. To receive a certificate with an official transcript from Columbia University you must complete a 12-course curriculum. However, anyone is welcome to register for individual classes.

University Access
: The Executive Education Program provides access to Columbia University talks, workshops and networking opportunities as well as library and facility use on campus. Students also have the opportunity to interact with the 350+ graduates of the program at alumni meetings as well as with sustainability leaders at the many Earth Institute events throughout the year (i.e.,

Link to Other Programs
: Successful completion of the Executive Education Program’s Core Science Fundamental courses are recognized as preparation by the following graduate programs at Columbia University:
– M.P.A. in Environmental Science and Policy
– M.S. in Sustainability Management