Tuition & Logistics

Executive Education Registration and Tuition Rates

Students may add or drop courses at any point during the semester by contacting EICES directly at

In Spring Semester 2018, EICES is implementing a tiered tuition structure in support of our policy that requires students enrolled in the 12-course Executive Education Program to take at least two courses per semester (not per module). Course tuition will remain $865 for those students who take two or more courses per semester. For students who take one course per semester, course tuition will be $890.

There is also a one-time $105 document fee associated with the creation of all new student accounts at Columbia.

Field courses may include other non-tuition costs such as room and board.

The Executive Education Program is a non credit-bearing program and therefore does not qualify for federal student loans or university financial aid.

Program Progress and Graduation

Columbia University awards a certificate to all students who satisfactorily complete the 12 courses (comprising 120 hours of instruction) in the Executive Education Program in Environmental Sustainability.  Once enrolled, students can complete the coursework in as few as nine months or up to three years.  Students must enroll in at least two courses per semester in order to maintain standing and complete the program within three years.

Student Account and Billing Information

Columbia University does not issue paper bills – statements are only available online via your Student Services Online (SSOL) account.  More information regarding billing and payments is available online at:
UNI Information
– Your UNI is your unique identification within Columbia University.  To activate your UNI please visit:
– You use your UNI to log in to all online resources.  Your UNI also represents your Columbia University e-mail address (see below for more information).
– Your UNI also allows you to obtain a Columbia Student ID (CUID) card, which provides access to the libraries on campus.  Please visit the Student ID Center ( in 204 Kent Hall to obtain your ID card.E-Mail Information
– Your Columbia University e-mail address is your (example:
– Your University e-mail account can be accessed through the CubMail system at:
– All correspondence from EICES will be sent to your UNI e-mail address.  You are responsible for checking your CubMail account often for the most up-to-date information on classes and events.
– If you prefer, you may also set up e-mail forwarding that allows your CubMail to be forwarded to a personal e-mail account.  To change this setting you may visit, click ‘Login to Manage Your UNI Account.’Courseworks
– Courseworks is Columbia’s online course companion where you can access course materials such as assignments and readings.
– Login to Courseworks at: using your activated UNI and password.Student Services Online (SSOL)
– SSOL is an online resource used for registration, billing, and grades.
– Login to SSOL at: using your activated UNI and password.
– Your bill is available through SSOL and will reflect the cost of the classes for which you are registered, as well as any other relevant fees assessed by Columbia University, such as transcript fee.
– Columbia University does not issue paper bills.  Statements are only available online via your SSOL account.
– Late payment fees may be issued to students who do not pay their bill before the listed due date.  Such fees are assessed via your SSOL account.
– EICES does not directly handle student account billing issues for the Executive Education Program.  Payments and inquiries about your account must be made to Student Financial Services (212-854-4400, 205 Kent Hall) in person or online via SSOL.  More information regarding billing and payments is available at:
– Course grades are listed in SSOL under ‘Grades’.