Current Instructors


Simon Bird

Ecologist and Conservation Biologist, Advising Dean, Columbia; Adjunct Professor in Liberal Studies, NYU

Research Areas:  land use ecology, urban ecology, invertebrate biodiversity, soil system dynamics, and enhancing community-based conservation.


Bipasha2Bipasha Chatterjee

Environmental Economist, Hunter College

Research Areas: Environmental policy and regulation, Agricultural economics, Environmental economics



Peter Daszak

President, EcoHealth Alliance; Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, EICES

Research Areas: Links between anthropogenic environmental change, wildlife diseases, public health, and conservation; emerging diseases, their ecology, and the factors that drive emergence.


Lisa Dokken

Senior sustainability professional with broad experience in developing and managing innovative sustainable development programming across the globe; over 10 years experience working for the UN Development programme implementing sustainable development programming in over 30 countries.


Freelance Social & Environmental Justice Organizing and Civic Engagement Consultant; 15 years experience in the social justice movement including WTO Protests in Seattle in 1999 and People’s Climate March in New York in 2014.


image1Brian Kateman

President of Reducetarian Foundation and Innovation Manager at The Good Food Institute.


Urvashi Kaul

Assistant Vice President for Economic Research and Analysis, New York City Economic Development Corporation; Adjunct Associate Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Research Areas: Evaluating the economic and fiscal impact development projects and events; analyzing policies and proposals related to city infrastructure investments and taxation.


Cary Krosinksy

Cary Krosinsky

Senior Vice President, TruCost, Inc.



Jenna Lawrence

Lecturer, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology (E3B), Columbia University; Program Director, Summer Programs, EICES

Research Areas: Male and female reproductive interests in brown titi monkeys.


Mia HeadshotMia MacDonald

Executive Director, Brighter Green

Research Areas: Sustainable development, women’s rights, reproductive health, conservation, animal rights.


Shahid Naeem

Professor, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B), Columbia University; Director, EICES

Research Areas: How changes in the distribution and abundance of organisms affect ecosystem functions; the impacts of biodiversity loss.


Matthew Palmer

Lecturer, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology (E3B), Columbia University

Research Areas: Community ecology; plant conservation biology; local controls on plant diversity.


Jeffrey Potent

Jeffrey Potent, Adjunct Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University.


 Richard WeiheRichard Weihe

Managing Director, Karbone

Research Areas: Environmental Markets