Wildlife Conservation Society

Carter Ingram
Director of Ecosystem Services Program, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: landscape ecology; ecological responses to human impacts; the relationship between poverty and ecological condition; factors influencing social-ecological resilience to natural hazards
Email: cingram@wcs.org

Michael Klemens
Metropolitan Conservation Alliance
Senior Conservation Zoologist, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: herpetofauna, transferring biological data and conservation concepts into planning tools
Email: mca@wcs.org

Margaret Kinnaird, Ph.D.
Wildlife Conservation Society – Indonesia Program, Indonesia
Executive Director, MPALA



Caleb McClennen
Director of Marine Conservation
Research: coral reef adaptation to climate change, marine payments for ecosystem services, seascape scale conservation
Email: cmcclennen@wcs.org

Donald Moore
Associate Director of Animal Care, Bronx Zoo
Research: behavioral enrichment and husbandry science for wild animals in human care, and safe work practices and exhibit design
Email: dmoore@wcs.org

Kent Redford
Principal, Archipelago Consulting
Director for Biodiversity Analysis and Coordination, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: conservation biology, mammalogy
Email: kredford@wcs.org

John Robinson
Executive Vice President for Conservation and Science, Global Conservation Program
Research: conservation genetics, cetaceans, marine conservation, molecular ecology, population genetics
Email: jrobinson@wcs.org

Howard Rosenbaum
Director of Ocean Giants
Research: marine conservation, conservation genetics, cetacean research and conservation
Email: hrosenbaum@wcs.org

Eric Sanderson
Senior Conservation Ecologist, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: application of landscape ecology to conservation problems
Email: esanderson@wcs.org

Nancy Clum
Curator, Ornithology, Bronx Zoo
Research: conservation biology, ornithology
Email: nclum@wcs.org


Patrick Thomas
General Curator and Associate Director, Bronx Zoo
Research: applied ethology, captive propagation, mammalogy
Email: pthomas@wcs.org


Robert Rose
Assistant Director, Conservation Support Program, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: landscape ecology, GIS


Tim O’Brien
Senior Conservation Scientist and Biostatistician, Conservation Support Program, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: forest & savanna ecology, impacts of climate change


Martin Mendez
Assistant Director, Latin America and Caribbean Program