Wildlife Conservation Society

Carter Ingram
Director of Ecosystem Services Program, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: landscape ecology; ecological responses to human impacts; the relationship between poverty and ecological condition; factors influencing social-ecological resilience to natural hazards


Michael Klemens
Metropolitan Conservation Alliance
Senior Conservation Zoologist, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: herpetofauna, transferring biological data and conservation concepts into planning tools


Margaret Kinnaird, Ph.D.
Wildlife Conservation Society – Indonesia Program, Indonesia
Executive Director, MPALA




Caleb McClennen
Director of Marine Conservation
Research: coral reef adaptation to climate change, marine payments for ecosystem services, seascape scale conservation


Donald Moore
Associate Director of Animal Care, Bronx Zoo
Research: behavioral enrichment and husbandry science for wild animals in human care, and safe work practices and exhibit design


Kent Redford
Principal, Archipelago Consulting
Director for Biodiversity Analysis and Coordination, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: conservation biology, mammalogy



John Robinson
Executive Vice President for Conservation and Science, Global Conservation Program
Research: conservation genetics, cetaceans, marine conservation, molecular ecology, population genetics


Howard Rosenbaum
Director of Ocean Giants
Research: marine conservation, conservation genetics, cetacean research and conservation


Eric Sanderson
Senior Conservation Ecologist, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: application of landscape ecology to conservation problems



Nancy Clum
Curator, Ornithology, Bronx Zoo
Research: conservation biology, ornithology



Scott Silver
Faculty Director and Curator, Queens Zoo
Research: carnivore surveys, carnivore biology, feeding ecology, primatology, mark/recapture, translocation


Patrick Thomas
General Curator and Associate Director, Bronx Zoo
Research: applied ethology, captive propagation, mammalogy



Robert Rose
Assistant Director, Conservation Support Program, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: landscape ecology, GIS




Tim O’Brien
Senior Conservation Scientist and Biostatistician, Conservation Support Program, Wildlife Conservation Society
Research: forest & savanna ecology, impacts of climate change




Martin Mendez
Assistant Director, Latin America and Caribbean Program