Course Components

Individual Research Project

The individual research project gives you the opportunity to develop and explore a testable research question around an area of your own interest in your respective field site location.  This project entails:

  • Literature searches
  • Draft and final proposal
  • Field data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Final presentation

You will have the full support of the course instructor and field assistants during the design and development process of the independent research project.  This includes workshops on how to carry out scientific literature searches and the opportunity to learn field techniques in group settings before developing and carrying-out your individual project.

Field Practicals

The field practicals are a chance for you to test out your newly acquired field skills in a group setting.  Together, you will formulate your ideas, collect and analyze field data, and present your results and their implications. Field practicals emphasize the community nature of science, as many scientists conducting academic research must work together in teams to answer important large-scale questions.


You may be asked to keep a journal while you are at the SEE-U field site. This journal serves as an account of your work, both in and out of the classroom.  A number of entries may be required; these entries can reflect your experiences and day-to-day activities.  An electronic blog may also serve as your journal.


Participation is a significant component of the SEE-U program.  You are graded on attendance, punctuality, engagement in group discussions, presentations and overall effort and professionalism during the course.

Quizzes / Exams

Periodic quizzes and exams may also be given during the course.