Executive Education Program FAQ

Do I need a degree to be eligible to apply to the Executive Education Program?
Yes, a bachelor’s degree is required to be eligible for admission to the program.

I do not have a background in science. May I still apply to the program?

Do I have to submit a copy of my university/college transcript with my application materials?
Yes, if you are applying to the full 12-course program. See the application instructions for more information.

Is financial aid available?
No, because the program is non-credit-bearing it does not qualify for federal financial aid. In addition, EICES does not offer any fellowships or scholarships.

Is there a typical student profile?
No. The students in the program represent a diverse set of academic, professional, and life experiences. The age range of the students in the program is mid-20s to mid-70s.

May international students apply?
Yes, international students are welcome to apply to the program. Please note that EICES does not provide student visas and international students are charged an additional fee of $90 per semester. International students intending to complete the program from overseas should be aware that the courses are offered in the evening, usually from 6:10 – 8:10 PM EST. Thus, an international student planning to attend via distance learning must account for the time zone difference as that may impact the student’s ability to attend the course via webinar in real time in accordance with the attendance policy (see information on the attendance policy below).

How many courses do I have to take to complete the full program?
Students are required to take 12 courses to complete the program. Please see the curriculum for more information.

How long does it take to complete the program?
The full 12-course program can be completed in 10 months (September to June, fall and spring semesters). However, most students take 2 to 3 years to complete the program.

Can the program be completed online?
Yes. Please see the distance learning section under program information.

Do I have to start taking courses at the beginning of a semester?
No, students may start taking courses at the beginning of any module within a given semester.

Do the courses have to be taken in a particular order?
No, there are no perquisites and the courses are not sequential.

Are courses offered during the summer?
No, there are no courses in session from mid-June through August.

What is the course workload?
It varies depending on the course. However, the instructors understand that many students in the program are working full-time while taking courses and thus the instructors try to avoid overburdening students with work (e.g., readings and assignments).

How many courses do students in the program usually take per module or semester?
It varies depending on a student’s schedule, other commitments, finances, courses needed to fulfill the program requirements, interests, and how quickly a student wants or needs to complete the program. Some students take 2 courses per module while other may take 1 course per semester. Please see the registration and tuition rates section under program information as different tuition rates apply depending on how many courses a student takes in a semester.

What is the attendance policy?
For a typical 5-week course, students must attend 3 of the 5 sessions to be eligible to receive a passing grade (i.e., 6 out of 10 hours or 60% of the course). Courses with field components may require mandatory attendance for the field sessions. Please see the current semester individual course descriptions for notes regarding attendance.

May I take courses on an individual basis?
Yes, a student who does not want to commit to the full 12-course program may take courses on an individual basis. Please see the application instructions for applying to the program to do so.

Will I receive a diploma from Columbia University?
No. The program is not an undergraduate or graduate program and is non-credit-bearing and thus it does not confer a degree. Students receive a certificate from EICES upon successful completion of the 12 courses and they have access to their official Columbia University transcript as record of enrollment in the program.

Are the courses transferable or can they be applied towards a graduate program?
No. The program is non-credit-bearing are there are no transferable credits.

May I speak with students in the program or alumni before applying?
Yes, if a prospective student would like to speak with other students in the program this can be arranged.

Will I have access to Columbia University facilities?
Students living in the greater New York City area who plan to attend courses in person on the Columbia University Morningside Campus can access the libraries if they have a student ID card and are registered for courses. Please see the student account and billing section under program information for information on obtaining an ID card. Students enrolled in the program may also attend Columbia University events. All students may access the electronic library resources using their Columbia UNI and password.

Please contact EICES at eices@columbia.edu if you have additional questions regarding the program.