Executive Education Program Curriculum


Students enrolled in the Executive Education Program may pursue one or both* of the following program tracks:

Conservation and Environmental Sustainability
Sustainable Food Systems

Students are required to take 12 courses (10 hours per course) for each track totaling 120 hours of instruction. Both tracks require completion of 5 Fundamental courses. In addition, students take 7 electives specific to the program track.

The complete program requirements are available in PDF format here.

*Students who complete the program for one track may pursue the second track or both tracks may be pursued simultaneously. Courses taken towards one track may be applied towards the requirements for the other track.

Fundamental Courses

All students enrolled in the Executive Education Program are required to take the following 5 Fundamental courses:

Diversity and Conservation (offered fall semester)
Introduction to Ecology (offered spring semester)
Introduction to Environmental Economics (offered fall semester)
Introduction to Environmental Policy (offered spring semester)
Introduction to Evolution (offered spring semester)

Conservation and Environmental Sustainability Track

The Conservation and Environmental Sustainability Track is broad in scope and provides students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of conservation and environmental science, environmental policy, and the tools needed to be informed citizens, make sound decisions, and be effective environmental leaders in this era of rapid global change. The track explores complex environmental issues and examines the ecological, economic, social, and political systems that contribute to global change and within which solutions to today’s environmental challenges must be implemented.

In addition to the 5 required Fundamental courses, students pursuing the Conservation and Environmental Sustainability Track are required to take 7 electives within the following categories:

Environmental Policy, Management, and Finance: 3 courses required
Case Study: 3 courses required
Tools: 1 course required

Sustainable Food Systems Track

The Sustainable Food Systems Track provides students with an educated and analytical lens through which to view food production and consumption. The track explores the environmental, economic, and social dimensions of food systems and the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population while sustaining Earth’s natural capital.

In addition to the 5 required Fundamental courses, students pursuing the Sustainable Food Systems Track are required to take courses from each of the following 4 Action Areas:

Food, Ecology, and Environment: 1 course
Food Economics and Sustainability: 1 course
Food Systems: 1 course
Nutrition and Health/Hunger: 1 course

Students pursuing this track must also take 3 electives from any of the program’s course offerings.

See the past course descriptions for examples of electives offered within each track.

Please see the FAQ and contact EICES at eices@columbia.edu if you have questions regarding the curriculum.