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Return of the Natives

by |August 17th, 2018

by Elizabeth Bush, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Course If you could go back in time, to what age and country would you wish to be transported?  There are so many choices, and mine change regularly.  But as I have been exploring the world of native plants in my garden, I can’t help but wish… read more

Veganism and Sustainability

by |August 16th, 2018

by Ava Jones, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Course For many people, there has been a more recent and more focused attention put on where our food comes from and how it is impacting the strained environment we’re all living in right now. This should be seen as a good thing for the everyday consumer,… read more

Corn, Obesity, and Navigating Healthy Eating Choices as a Parent

by |August 7th, 2018

by Crystal Pereira, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Course I asked my three-year-old, curly-headed son if he knew where corn came from. “Yes. The store,” he said tilting his head downward, keeping his eyes on mine. I chuckled a bit, reminding myself to stay in mom mode and that I was talking to a little… read more

The Largest Lake in the Middle East Has Nearly Disappeared

by |July 27th, 2017

By Nate Eckman, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Imagine a body of water 15% bigger than Utah’s Great Salt Lake nearly disappearing from the earth. Now, no longer imagine, but see it for yourself: Snapshots from Google Earth ® timeline. The top picture shows Lake Urmia in December 1999. The bottom shows what remains of… read more

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Is Vertical Farming an Economically Viable Solution to Feeding Our Growing Planet?

by |July 20th, 2017

By Hannah Weiss, student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco and Food Systems Vertical farming, similar to indoor farming, is commonly understood as the practice of growing food indoors by controlling all elements of its development. The only difference between vertical farming and indoor farming? Scale. Vertical farms are stacked and multi-story, typically occupying entire skyscrapers, whereas… read more

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2017 Forum on Sustainable Agriculture

by |April 11th, 2017

On April 27th, Columbia University’s Earth Institute, the School of International and Public Affairs, the Center for Agriculture and Food Security, and the Columbia Water Center will present the 2017 Forum on Sustainable Agriculture. The Forum will continue a discussion on the global challenge of providing food for a growing population while also mitigating and… read more

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Sustainable Agriculture Through Innovation and Collaboration

by |November 10th, 2016

Sustainable Agriculture Through Innovation and Collaboration Jeffrey Potent, Adjunct Professor Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs and the Columbia Earth Institute Agriculture is sustainable when it nourishes people and restores and protects the land, air, water and other living creatures.  It is sustainable when it mitigates and is resilient to climate change and… read more

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Restoring Natural Capital Can Help Reduce Extreme Poverty

by |September 9th, 2016

See the link below for a blog posting from EICES affiliate, Pushpam Kumar: Restoring Natural Capital Can Help Reduce Extreme Poverty

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Huge Diversity Among Bacteria-Eating Microorganisms in Soil

by |June 21st, 2016

Scientists in Denmark recently published a study in the ISME Journal that shows great diversity among bacteria-eating microorganisms called Cercozoa. In four soil samples of half a gram of soil, over 1,000 different species of Cercozoa were found. This study was conducted in conjunction with research on the consequences of climate change in Denmark. The research… read more

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Natural Capital: From Buzzword to Serious Action

by |June 15th, 2016

This blog post was written by EICES adjunct Dr. Pushpam Kumar, Chief of the Ecosystem Services Economics Unit, Division of Environmental Policy Implementation (DEPI), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Last month, the United Environmental Assembly 2 (UNEA 2) through its universal Member States (representatives of 193 countries of the world) passed the Resolution on ‘Sustainable… read more

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