Carbon Footprints of Food: A Guide to More Sustainable Food Choices?

by |September 7th, 2018

by Sarah Foster, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Course Along with the rise of food labels and certifications such as USDA Organic and Free Range has come a push for reporting the carbon emissions of food on packages. The idea is that in announcing the footprint of each food item, consumers will make more… read more

Enjoying That Spicy Tuna Roll? It May be the Last One You Eat

by |September 7th, 2018

by Caroline Soper, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Course It’s easy to understand the appeal of eating tuna. It’s a large fish, catching it feels like we’re one step closer to taming the ocean. It has beautifully colored flesh, and it can have a spectacular taste and texture when eaten fresh. So taking all of… read more

Some explosives in your salad?

by |August 24th, 2018

by Lila Rimalovski, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Course   There are two tales in modern global history that are more similar than you’d think: one is the story of wartime explosives, the other is the story of industrial agriculture. The point of intersection between these two boils down to a seemingly invisible yet… read more

Veganism and Sustainability

by |August 16th, 2018

by Ava Jones, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Course For many people, there has been a more recent and more focused attention put on where our food comes from and how it is impacting the strained environment we’re all living in right now. This should be seen as a good thing for the everyday consumer,… read more