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Return of the Natives

by |August 17th, 2018

by Elizabeth Bush, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Course If you could go back in time, to what age and country would you wish to be transported?  There are so many choices, and mine change regularly.  But as I have been exploring the world of native plants in my garden, I can’t help but wish… read more

Veganism and Sustainability

by |August 16th, 2018

by Ava Jones, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Course For many people, there has been a more recent and more focused attention put on where our food comes from and how it is impacting the strained environment we’re all living in right now. This should be seen as a good thing for the everyday consumer,… read more

Corn, Obesity, and Navigating Healthy Eating Choices as a Parent

by |August 7th, 2018

by Crystal Pereira, Student in SEE-U NYC: Agro-eco/Food Systems Course I asked my three-year-old, curly-headed son if he knew where corn came from. “Yes. The store,” he said tilting his head downward, keeping his eyes on mine. I chuckled a bit, reminding myself to stay in mom mode and that I was talking to a little… read more